Uses Of Computer In Business

Uses Of Computer In Business
The use of computer in business is very important. Today, in global markets,  it is impossible to run the business without use of computer technology. Many business activities are performed very quickly and efficiently by using computers. The administrative paperwork is also reduced by using computers. Many business websites to sell their products and contact their customers.

In business, computers are used for the following purposes:

1.  Marketing
In business computer is very useful for the marketing of products of organisation. Many marketing applications are available that can be used to provide information about the products to the customers. Computer is also used for maintaining the record of products.
2. Stock Exchanges
Stock exchanges are the important places for businessmen. Today, stock market around the world are mostly computerised. Many stock markets launched the computerised systems. These systems make it possible for stockbrokers to do all their trading electronically

3. Banks
Computers are widely used in banks. They are used in banks for record keeping and maintaining the accounts of customers. The cheques of customers are processed through computer. The cheque are read by MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Reader) input device.
Most of the banks provide the facility of ATM. The customers can draw money through ATM card from any branch of that bank or another bank at any time of a day. Similarly, some banks provide the facility of credit cards that can be used to purchase different items from departmental stores without paying net cash.

4. Departmental Stores
The role of computer is very important in departmental stores. It is used to perform different operations. For Example, the record of products for sale is maintained through computer. Similarly, the bill of customer is prepared through computer. All operation are performed very easily and quickly.
In departmental stores, a bar code is printed on most of the products. This bar code contains information about the products such as name of product and its price. This bar code is read through the device known as bar-code reader or scanner. The price of the product is entered into the computer through bar code reader. The customers bill is prepared quickly and customer gets the accurate bill. The record of the sale is stored in computer. The computer also updates the inventory list. This list helps a business to manage its stocks more efficiently.
Security cameras are also widely used in departmental stores. It records the activities of the customers in the departmental stores.

Computer Network Introduction And Its Benefits

Computer Network
A collection of computers and other devices that are connected together by communication channels for sharing information and other resources is called computer network. The resources may include printers, scanners, and hard disk. Computer network is also called the information network. The most popular information network is the internet.

In a computer network, two important technologies: computing and telecommunication work together. The computers on a network may be linked through cables, telephone lines, radio waves (Wireless), and satellites.

Uses/Benefits of network
The main beneficts or uses of computer network are :
1- Communication
     Using a network. different people can communicate with each other all over the world. People can communicate at very low cost via e-mail, chatting, telephone, video telephone, video conferencing, groupware, and SMS service.
2- Sharing Resources
In a computer network, resources such as, printers, scanners, fax machine and modems can be shared among different users. Suppose several personal computers and laser printers are connected to network. Each user can acess the printer.
3- Sharing Software
In a Computer network, usually application programs and other software are stored on the central computer. Users connected to a network can access these programs or software
4- Data Sharing
Data or information can be shared among different users. Any Authorized user can access data stored on other computer on the network. For example, on the internet large number of internet users can access same database.

Non-Impact Printers And Its Types

Printers are the most commonly used output device. They are used to print output on the paper. The output may be in the form of characters, symbols and graphics information printed on paper is called hardcopy

Categories/Types of Printers
Printers are classified into two main categories or types:
       1- Impact Printers
        2- Non-Impact Printers

Non-Impact Printers
The printers that produce output on paper without striking the paper are known as non-impact printers. They Use Electrostatic , inkjet, and thermal technologies for printing.

Non-Impact printers are faster and produce hight quality output than impact printers. They can print up to 24 pages per minute. They produce no noise during printing. These printers are costly than impact printers

The Examples of Non-Impact printers are :
      1- Laser Printer
      2- Inkjet Printer
      3- Thermal Printer

Laser Printer
Laser stands for Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation. A laser printer is the fastest and hight quality non-impact printer. It works like a photocopier. The laser printer transfers the image of output on paper using LASER technology and toner. Toner is an ink powder. It is used in laser printers and photocopiers also

The laser printer has a special drum inside it. first the image of output is created on the drum, and then it is transferred from drum to paper. The image of output is created on the drum by throwing magnetic ink powder in the form of microscopic dots. These dots can be from 300 dpi to 1200 dpi (dpi means dots per inch and these dots refers to microscopic dots).

The Laser printer can print both text and graphics in very high quality resolution. Laser printer prints one page at a time. The laser printers are, therefore also called page printers. The printing speed of laser printer is about 4 to 32 pages per minute for microcomputer and up to 200 pages per minute for mainframe computers.

Ink Jet Printer
Ink-jet printer is type of non-impact printer. It creates output on paper by spraying tiny drops of liquid ink. Inkjet printer has print-head that can spray very fine drops of ink. It consists of print cartridge filled with liquid ink and has small nozzles in form of matrix. Like dot matrix printer, the combination of nozzles is activated to form the shaper of character or image on the paper by spraying the liquid ink. These printers have resolution ranging from 300 to 720 dpi.

The ink-jet printers have low price than laser printers. They are also slower and have low print quality than laser printer. However, They are faster and have hight print quality than dot matrix printers. The printing speed of ink-jet printer is from 1 to 6 pages per minute.

Thermal Printer
Thermal printer is another type of non-impact printer. It can only print output on a special heat sensitive waxy paper. The image if the output is created on the waxy paper by burning dots on it. For coloured output, coloured waxy sheets are used.

Thermal Printer produces a high quality printout. It is quite expansive as compared to other non-impact printers.